Who We Are

EnTek systems Inc. “EnTek” was founded in 2004 as Energy Technologies International and re-incorporated as EnTek Systems in 2008. The founders are former Scientific Atlanta personnel with significant experience in not only Demand Response product but with a wide variety of hardware and firmware platforms as well. EnTek was founded with the principle that it would provide high quality product at reasonable pricing. In this endeavor it was further decided to provide an OEM source to those who do not have the expertise, time or desire to develop their own product. In many cases EnTek has designed full custom hardware and firmware to meet customers’ needs.

EnTek products destined for the residential or commercial markets have to pass stringent internal and third party testing before receiving approval for sale. This includes applicable UL, ANSI and NEMA specifications as well as internal and customer supplied specifications.

We are relentless in our quest for quality at an affordable price. The most recent additions to our product lines punctuate this effort in innovation, quality and affordability.

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