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    EnTek is a leading provider of control products and systems for Electric Utility Load Control / Demand Response programs and for Building Automation applications. We have over 40 years of experience in these markets and provide products with the latest technologies in radio communications and highly advanced control algorithms. Our products are used Worldwide to lower costs for utilities and to provide better quality of life for end customers. We provide a full selection of legacy products for retrofit applications as well as a full suite of two way products with data collection capabilities. Our market is both customer direct and OEM supply to all ranges of customers. We are relentless in our quest for perfection.

  • New This Year!

    RTC 1032 Replacement (ATC 1001) (Shipping now),
    TC250 Zigbee (Shipping now),
    RPMA Q2,
    LoRa Q2,
    VHF in TC250 Q3,
    Master Controller for VHF, RPMA and LoRa Q3 through Partner