One Way

EnTek produces a full line of one way VHF Demand Response switches. These devices operate between 139 and 174 MHz. They support all popular Load Control protocols including 1170 (SA Digital),105, 205, 305, REMS 100, 101, 102, Golay and Smart Golay (enhanced control).

The FC340 is a full sized product compatible with the Scientific Atlanta / Comverge DCU line. Special Simulcast filters and crystal technology are employed for superior performance.

The TC250 is a reduced size product with the same functionality in a smaller size.


Radio Receivers

The FC340 and TC240 VHF switches are narrowband designs compatible with FCC re-farming of 2008. Both have Simulcast filtering available for non-sequenced system operation and both support most major formats.


Transmitter Controls

The ATC1001 serve to interface computer systems to the local or remote transmitter networks. They support most popular formats as outlined in the “One Way Product” description. They support MODEM interface, PTT keying and mixed analog and digital signaling.

  • ATC 1001 (Datasheet)
  • Portable Tester – The PTT is a handheld transmitter used for testing switches as they are installed or for local troubleshooting. Each is custom frequency and format. An agile model is optionally available upon special order.
            PTT 2000 (Datasheet)


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